Human Insanity: Two movies with the theme of human body modification. The horrifying contents may make you feel sick.

A film on the horrifying theme of human body modificationhorror

If you watch it, you will definitely regret it.A film on the theme of human body modificationIntroduction of

To be honest, it's not as interesting...or recommended...but you can get a good taste of the creepy world.

After a quick synopsis, I'll tell you what I think.


I feel the madness of human beings. A film about human body modification.

I'm going to spoil a few things... so don't worry about it! If you are interested, please call us.

*I will not reveal the important part of the ending...!


Centipede Man (subtitled)


Dr. Josef Heiter, a renowned physician who performed the separation surgery of Siamese twins, wanted to create a "human centipede," a horrifying modification that would connect the mouth and anus of a human being. He then captured three human subjects and created the "Centipede Man". ....

The first thing that surprised me was.What a surprise to learn that a Japanese person was on the show.

Moreover, the Japanese was seriously fluent, not katakatto, as is common in foreign productions. It was a little refreshing to hear such natural Japanese in the Kansai dialect in an overseas production.

And in terms of the story, well, it's solidly creepy (I don't want to imagine it, but I that sorry... scene), but the police officer scene was a bit of a rush....

The end of the film was too impactful. It's too much of a letdown. I wanted this part to be more elaborate.

And those stitches on the human centipede. I thought it was hidden by the bandage in an exquisite position.

The setting was so creepy that I wished they would have used special makeup to show the stitches as well, if possible. That way, the horror would be conveyed more clearly.

But if you overdo it, some people might pass out in the movie theater... I guess that's the limit.

And last but not least, that woman! That woman... what happens to her? It is incomplete.

If they were going to do a second one, I would have liked to see what happened to that woman...

I wasn't that satisfied with the film, but I think people who like it will like it because the human centipede is a unique setting and it is very creepy.

Mr. Tusk

Mr. Tusk (subtitled)


Wallace, a young American podcaster, came to rural Canada to interview a YouTuber. There, he meets an old man who turns him into a walrus.

This, first of all, I want to say something about the cast.

It's more like the story of the movie itself.You were surprised by the cast.

I urge you to see it without checking out the cast beforehand.

Because there are unexpected big-name actors in it... lol.

*Not you, Mr. Osment.

And as for the story, I honestly think many people will feel that it is a B-movie....

I also thought slightly.

Humans are converted into walruses, but the sight of them is the first thing that comes to mind.It's so unfamiliar and unexpected that it bugs my brain and makes me look comical.I know, right?

It's more like a cartoon, or a gag world! Like.

And even when I know I'm being horrified, I can't help but chuckle because of their charming appearance.

If that had been more grotesque, it would still have been good. The eyes and body would have been more painful, and if the skin had been grafted on like a human walrus, the impression would have been different.

If the film wanted to be a horror or a human drama, it should have been......................

However, it was classified as a comedy on a certain movie website, and in fact, many people commented that they laughed because it felt like a comedy, and the impressions varied considerably depending on the viewer.

I didn't know how the director wanted to film it until the very end. But I thought the film was serious.

That man-faced walrus made me chuckle, but Mr. Tusk's narration was seriously solid, as if I was reading a book about one man's life, and I listened to it.

Many people seem to be emotionally confused here. Is this a funny movie or a serious and grotesque movie?

And at the end, he was deprived of his human functions, but that end was a bit painful... I thought.

We invite you to use your own sensibilities to determine whether this film will be seen as a comedy or a serious human drama.

Either way, it is still a film with the same bad taste of converting humans into walruses.


None of them are in bad taste, or wow...

I can't say I'd recommend a movie that makes me sick, but I'd like to recommend it! I can't say, but there are times when you just want to watch it.

So, if that is the case, please watch it.

Immerse yourself in the sickening sensation.

I am full of it.

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