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Five movies about a meteorite or comet impact that destroys the earth! From panic hand-sweat movies to human good/evil heartbreaking scenes!

Recommended movies about the destruction of the earth by a meteorite or comet impact Summary of Works

Panic films about meteorites and comets crashing into the earth.is summarized here.

A wide variety of films are introduced, ranging from those with powerful visuals that will make your hands sweat, to those that focus on human drama.

I would like to present a film-by-film description and my impressions of the film.

(Minimal spoilers)


Five recommended movies about the destruction of the earth by a meteorite or comet impact

Not the universe.Natural disaster-based panic films on Earth are summarized here.

don't look up

don't look up

Netflix Don't Look Up

Year of production: 2021
Director: Adam McKay
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Rob Morgan, Cate Blanchett, and others

The story of an astronomer who discovers that a comet is in danger of colliding with the earth and his student who is trying to warn the world of the danger.

But it is full of irony.

It's like a satirical film.

Even if they seriously convey the crisis situation, no one wants to listen to them, and on the contrary, they are laughed at or made into jokes and spread.

It is a panic story about a comet crashing into the earth, but I thought it was more ironic than that, which is rare in this genre.

From my research, it seems that director Adam McKay is known for making ironic films.

It's also called a black comedy, in case you're wondering, but it doesn't have much of a comedic feel to it.It is a painful reminder that we are all human beings in this way, even though we don't want to admit it.

If you are looking for serious serious content, this may not be for you, but if you like satirical content or black comedy, maybe it will stick.

The destruction of the earth seems to have a happy ending in most cases, but as for Don't Look Up, it has a bit of a bad ending as well.

I wrote more about my thoughts on Don't Look Up spoilers on this page.

Deep Impact

Deep Impact (subtitled)

Year of production: 1998
Director: Mimi Lederer
Cast: Robert Duval, Tia Leoni, Elijah Wood, Morgan Freeman, Vanessa Redgrave, and others

A giant comet will soon collide with the earth.

The story is about a meteorite explosion, shelter construction, and various schemes until the limited time limit, but the fateful day arrives....

It is one year until the comet will collide with the earth. An aggressive plan to blow up the comet is implemented, but the comet is only cut in half and the route to Earth cannot be changed, so the process is to evacuate to a shelter where only a limited number of people can go.

It's a bit dystopian. The fact that only a limited number of people were selected by lottery made me think, "Wow....

I think a lot of people think, "What would I do in a movie like this? I think there are many people who think, "What would I do in such a movie?

Even if we miraculously survived the crash of a super giant comet that almost destroyed the earth, it would be hard to live in the wilderness with few survivors, so I would like to leave myself to the comet..." I think about that.

I think, "But if it's a certain number of people, and the crash site is partial ... I want to survive."

By the way, the music is by James Horner of "Titanic" fame, so it's really good.

Greenland -The Last Two Days on Earth

Greenland - The Last Two Days on Earth - (subtitled)

Year of production: 2020
Director: Rick Roman War
Cast: Gerard Butler, Molina Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd, Scott Glenn, and others

This film is mainly about human beings. The content focuses on the good and evil of humans, which is rare for a meteorite impact type movie.

Meteorites continue to fall, and when the earth is about to be destroyed, a war breaks out between the chosen people of the country and those who are not chosen. To be honest, there are some disgusting scenes.

But at the same time, there are scenes that remind us of human love and make us think quite a bit.

What would I do if it were me? It really stirs the imagination of what I would do.

I wrote a spoiler comment about Greenland on this page.

final hours

Final Hours [DVD].

Year of production: 2013
Director: Zack Hilditch
Cast: Nathan Phillips, Jessica de Gough, Sarah Snook, Daniel Henshall, and others

The meteorite crash on the earth has already been decided, and there are only 12 hours left. The film only describes the actions of a man and a girl who meet by chance in the time until the time limit.

The thump-thump-thump scene of the meteorite crash is not the main part of the film. It appears a little at the end. So it is not suitable for those who want to enjoy the images.

This, to be honest, is not enough for me ... but! People who like it like it, this.

Some people have actually watched it several times, and if you find the depiction of human good and evil as interesting as the Greenland I mentioned earlier, maybe you will find it interesting.

No scene is as sloppy or "wow..." as Greenland, though.

I was surprised to see Sarah Snook in the movie. I was also surprised to see Sarah Snook in the film, since it was made in Australia and Sarah Snook is from Australia.

Overall, there were a few performances that made me wonder if it was a low-budget film, but the music at the climax was a bit moving. That's about all I have to say.

Again, if you like it, you'll love this movie, this is the movie you'll love.


Armageddon (subtitled)

Year of production: 1998
Director: Michael Bay
Cast: Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Will Patton and others

Armageddon is so super famous that probably no one knows about it.

However, it was more than 20 years ago, and I remember being impressed by the scale, the beauty of the images, and the final ending when I saw it for the first time.

I guess you could call it the gold standard of earth-destroying panic films.

And it matched the music perfectly.

There were not so many movies like this at that time, but nowadays there are a number of movies like Armageddon, and the self-sacrificing development at the end is becoming more and more common.

If you have never seen it, I think it is a masterpiece that you should see at least once.

In my opinion, Liv Tyler is so cute.

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