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Three movies and dramas about escaping from domestic violence and moral harassment and restarting one's life. These films are disgusting, but they make us realize that this kind of reality should not exist.

Films and dramas about escaping from domestic violence and moral harassment and restarting life. Summary of Works

In this issue.The theme is a bit dark...I have compiled a list of movies and dramas in which people run away from domestic violence and moral harassment and start their lives over again.

depending on the contentsSome of them are very hard to watch and some of them are downright disgusting.The film is not for the faint of heart, so please watch it only if you are okay with that kind of thing.

Watching such films may be a good way to "gain awareness" of the reality of domestic violence and moral harassment, as it allows us to objectively look at the reality.

I had spent my life so far unaware of the morass of harassment around me, and it occurred to me.

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3 movies and dramas about escaping domestic violence and moral harassment and restarting life.

After a summary and synopsis of each film, I include my impressions (with minimal spoilers).

Sandra's Little House (film)

Year of production: 2020
Director: Phyllida Lloyd
Cast: Claire Dunn, Harriet Walter, Conleth Hill, and others

Sandra flees her domestic violence husband and starts a life from scratch with her daughter. She decides to build a house by herself with the help of her friends, and this is the story of her resurrection.

I personally liked the social scene, like Ken Loach, it was realistic. I just feel sorry for the girls, poor girls.

Of course Sandra is hurting the most.

There's also a courtroom scene in a custody battle with her husband, which is goofy here.

Her grief and sorrow reach the judge, but I wonder if she can't reach the judge if she doesn't express her grief and sorrow. I felt pain when I watched the movie.

It was a touching scene but painful at the same time.

And it happens often.DV flashbacks.

Violence is a death threat, so the greater the frequency and the blows, the more deeply it takes root in the mind.

It hurts both physically and emotionally. It is hard to watch.

moreoverYour husband used to be a good...There was also a scene that said, "This is something you actually hear a lot. It was good in the old days.

Why would you change when you become a family member? After all, it's your ownDo you overlap with your old family?Husband.

And, you know, the end is a disgusting turn of events.

The worst of human hearts that do violence. A shitty person is a shitty person no matter how far they go. This scene shows that.

thoughThere was a problem in the family environment that formed such a person.I'll never forgive him for what he did, though.

For more details on my impressions, please seeThis pagePlease see the summary in the following table if you would like to see it.

New York: The Kindest Russian Restaurant (movie)

Year of production: 2019
Director: Rone Scherfig
Cast: Zoe Kazan, Andrea Riseborough, Caleb Landry Jones, and others

Clara and her two sons have fled from the sound of DV. At a loss, they ended up at a long-established Russian restaurant. There she meets Mark, the manager, and Alice, a nurse who is a regular customer. With their help, Clara tries to get her life back on track.

My husband was quite violent and the way he treated my sons was terrible. It wasn't on film, though.

Also, I was impressed by the way the eldest son protects his mother.

They are old enough to use computers, so they understand adult situations. I could see in their expressions that they wanted to protect their mothers, and I wanted their sons to be happier than their mothers.

Yes. Personally, I felt that was the highlight of the film, as I was emotionally invested in my sons.

There are not many scenes of conflict with the husband, such as the trial scene, but more about the lives and relationships between the cookery restaurant and its familiar customers, and the story flows smoothly, so some may find it lacking.

The Maid's Handbook (Drama)

Netflix The Maid's Handbook

Netflix The Maid's Handbook

Year of production: 2021
Director: John Wells
Cast: Margaret Queally, Andie MacDowell, Nick Robinson and others

A story about escaping from a morally harassed husband and trying again with her child as a single mother.

This is a Netflix drama and I thoughtI understand the horror of moraharas.That is to say.

I've been there myself, and I know that some moral harassment is very easy to understand, and some is hard to understand.

I think people can tell that an overtly harsh attitude, such as yelling or denying the personality of the person being harassed, is morally harassing, but it is something that slowly comes over you. Therefore, it is difficult to notice.

There is a sense of discomfort that I sometimes feel. This is actually a pre-moral harasser, or rather, a kind of moral harasser. Moral harassment that is hard to notice.

I think it depends on how the other party perceives and feels about what the other party says and does to be moral harassment, so I can't say it all in one way. I can't say it this way.

For example, if it is a married couple or parents, or a family, they have been together for many years, so I don't think they can be objective. I think there are a lot of people who are not aware of it, but are actually being harassed, and I am being hurt.

A little fight is common.I believe that it is moral harassment when someone picks on our self-esteem and throws words at us that lower our self-esteem.

But it's hard to notice when you've been together for many years, and then small discomforts start to pile up and explode, and that's when you realize it's happening.

Moral harassment is also verbal abuse.I thought it was right that she escaped from the house like a maid's handmaiden, because even if her body was not hurt, if her heart was hurt to shreds, she could run away from that.

I didn't get violent..." I was feeling reserved compared to those who have been treated worse, but there's no need to compare. Verbal abuse tears the psyche apart.

The wounds of the body may heal, but theHeartbreak takes time to heal.

From there, they struggled with work and money, and it was tough to watch, but it was very realistic and many people sympathized with them (I saw such comments on Twitter).

After that, there was a scene in which she reverted to her husband of many years, and the development of this scene was very disgusting in my opinion.

butWhen people are weak, there are negative people who soak it up.I took it as a message that "I'm not a good person.

Oh, no.It was a drama worth watching.

I would like to add more and more like this.

I would like to see a world where even one DV or moral harassment can disappear.

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But I digress...
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Summary of Works
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