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unexpected twist (at end of story)

Summary of Works

Seriously. Four recommended movies where the characters are actually dead.

Suspense Mystery

Wow. The dreadful twist and the disgusting last scene. Spoilers for the movie "The Observer".

Summary of Works

An interesting movie where the punchline is actually an illusion or hallucination [minimal spoilers].

Science Fiction/Fantasy

[Pre-Destination] Discussion and questions about Robertson's identity and purpose (spoiler alert).

Summary of Works

Introducing 5 suspenseful movies with unexpected endings.

Suspense Mystery

Good Liar False Game Spoilers. Not enough, but it was easy to watch because of the unexpected twist and simple development.


You want to see a movie like The Sixth Sense, this is for you! Here are some movies with a big twist that turns everything upside down at the end!

Suspense Mystery

The Great Don't Tell Me What to Expect|Understandings and Highlights of the movie "The Usual Suspects".

Summary of Works

Five super-interesting spy movies, full of double and triple agents and deceptive elements. You won't be able to stop the thrill!

Summary of Works

I was fooled by the unexpected turn of events. 7 movies with a dondenrevenge ending|Introducing only the films that I enjoyed, including the ones that were not so good.

Summary of Works

Never Forgive. 9 movies where revenge is the dema. A parent whose child is murdered, a woman whose best friend is killed, and various other revenge stories.

Japanese film

Scary? Spoilers for Last Winter, You and I Parted. Brutal revenge drama and an interesting donden at the end.


The picture quality and music are distinctive. Atomic Blonde Spoilers|The Unique Spoilers of a Spy Film

Alien, Zombie, Mystery Creature

Spoiler alert: "Life" surprises with a surprise twist at the end. The mysterious creature's monstrosity is egregious.

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