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true story

Summary of Works

[Disgusting] 8 Shocking Movies Based on True Stories. Wish it were fiction...

True story, non-fiction

The movie "Terminal", which you should watch when you are tired, will heal your heart with its true story of love, laughter, and tears.


[Medic's True Story Movie] Hacksaw Ridge Spoilers. It's a war movie that makes you cry, but it's complicated and painful.

True story, non-fiction

Bad luck never hurts! Spoiler alert for the movie Joy. Maybe there's a clue to what I was obsessed with as a kid.

True story, non-fiction

Spoiler for "Miracle on the Hudson River". The Captain's facial expression|I can't stop crying when I imagine his feelings.

True story, non-fiction

Burning Ocean] The Worst Man-Made Accident in History. Last scene too painful [Spoiler Comments].

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