The Hills Have Eyes" Spoilers - It wasn't as gory as I thought it would be.

The Hills Have Eyes Spoilers.Western painting

I watched the movie "Hills Have Eyes".

In conclusion, I said, "Wooooo. It wasn't as grotesque as I thought it would be."

However, the disgusting scenes and the development of a sense of panic and horror that made me nervous were interesting.

I'll tell you what I think with spoilers.


Summary of the movie "The Hills Have Eyes

Hills Have Eyes [out of rental].


directorAlexandre Aja
country of manufactureAmerica
Year of production2006
original titleTHE HILLS HAVE EYES
running time (e.g. of movie)107 min.
genre horror-panic
castAaron Stanford, Kathleen Quinlan, Vinessa Shaw, Emily de Ravin, and others


A remake of "Salandra" directed by Wes Craven. Directed by Alexandre Aja, who also directed "High Tension". Bob is traveling with his family in a trailer. On the way there, their car breaks down in the desert. Bob's daughter-in-law, Doug, heads out to call for help, but a family of god-eaters has crept into the family.

Spoiler for "The Hills Have Eyes"

Totally unrelated, but Alexandre Aja is a very handsome guy, and I was surprised; he's a very handsome guy.

A family whose brain as well as body has been damaged by nuclear tests

We often hear about deformities caused by radiation, but is it a bit unusual to hear about a story about a brain going haywire? I guess. But if the brain is physically deformed, you can imagine that the thoughts are also twisted.

But, you know, movies about cannibalism like this, you know, lure people in, orStrange is only smart when it comes to attacking lol.

This time, too, he had a flat tire on his car and came up to us slowly and skillfully.

I was strangely calm and wondered if I could think straight at such a time. Well, if you are crazy in every way, you won't survive, will you?

Reminds me a bit of Texas Chainsaw Beginnings.

I think the grossest film I've ever seen is called Texas Chainsaw Beginning. The so-called Hills Have Eyes is in the same vein, but in terms of grossness, Texas Chainsaw Beginning is more egregious.

That one has the "ouch ouch ouch grotesque scary" feeling due to being cut up alive and the SAW-like splatter elements, but I didn't feel that at all with The Hills Have Eyes.

They attack people to eat them, but I didn't find the attacks particularly grotesque. It's still a scene that makes you want to cover your eyes, though.

However, the scene where he eats the parakeet made me blurt out, "Ugh...". That was disgusting.

Then there was the scene where he attacked the woman. That was also the most sickening and personally quite disgusting scene. I was so disgusted that even though I was crazy, I could still think like that to women.

SUMMARY. Hmmm, subtle.

Interesting!!!" I didn't think so at all.

Although the film is set in a cannibalistic setting, there were quite a few scenes of people eating (although there was a scene of one of the cannibalistic family members eating a leg), and if you watch it for the grotesque scenes, I think it would be insufficient.

Green Inferno is more amazing when it comes to the people eating scene. (Though it has a great B-movie feel to it.)

The only sane girl in the cannibalistic family, the one who finally helped them, was a nice twist, but I just felt a little sorry for her.

Personally, I don't have a lot of "Oh! I like this scene.

The music didn't really appeal to me personally, and although the atmosphere of the western movie may have suited the desert, I would have preferred a heavier, more disastrous music....

It was like that.


The Hills Have Eyes wasn't as gruesome as I thought it would be, and I doubt I'll watch it again.

It's been a while since I've seen Texas Chainsaw Beginnings lol.

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The Final Dead series is more egregious than SAW. It's so foreshadowed that it makes you sweat...

Eh.... That form is so gross and creepy. 6 panic movies with mysterious creatures [Western].

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