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The Walking Dead: 5 Fun Facts You Need to See to Get the Most Out of It.

The Walking Dead foreign drama
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In this issue, we will talk about the foreign drama "The Walking Dead.

The more you watch it, the more interesting it becomes, and it is such an addictive foreign drama that it keeps you up all night.

I hadn't been this hooked since 24.

In this issue, I'd like to ask, "Why is this Walking Dead so interesting?" I would like to talk about the following from my perspective.

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The Walking Dead" sparked a renewed zombie drama craze

First of all, I want to say this out loud.

The Walking Dead is a story that even those who don't like zombies can enjoy. Because it is not just a zombie drama.human dramaSo!

The image of zombie movies and dramas is one of grotesque, gruesome images.

So when I first started watching The Walking Dead, I thought, "I bet this one will be mainly gory, too.

There were many such works at the time, and to be honest, there was no denying that we were running out of material.

exactlyZombie Boom Ice AgeLike.

So I started watching this film with the assumption that it would also be B-grade.

evenIt was totally different.

Of course, there are a lot of zombies, but "This is not just a zombie movie...!" I think that's when I realized that I was in the right place. From there, I was hooked on this swamp of fun. ・・・・ It's a swamp, it's a swamp.

The Walking Dead Story

The Walking Dead" tells the story of a post-zombie apocalypse and the journey of a small group of people on the run from a group of walkers in search of a safe haven in the devastated United States. Walkers are the moving dead who devour all living things, and humans are almost certain to become walkers if they die with their brains intact. The film focuses on the dilemma of the group's struggle to maintain their humanity in the face of the daily challenges they face in a hostile world of walker packs, accidents, and looting by the survivors.

It is set in a zombie-infested America, where the survivors, led by their leader Rick, struggle to fight zombies or humans in order to survive.

There are many stories unfolding in the big drama, which has been renewed for season 10, but the main axis is like that.

One of the things that bothers me about zombie movies (or is it just me?) is the type of zombies. The

They attack in a slow and shaky manner, so their fighting ability is low. They do not attack except to bite, but if they bite you, it is the last thing you want to do.

By the way, if you like running zombies, this is the movie for you.

I would suggest that the order in which you watch the films is normally from 1 to 1.

The same characters appear over many seasons, and the relationships between characters are an important element, so it would be less confusing to watch from the beginning.

Why get hooked? Why The Walking Dead has exploded in popularity

I've watched every season of The Walking Dead, and I thought.Attraction of The Walking DeadI would like to talk about five things about

1. the main part of the story is not zombies

Zombie movies and dramas.

Gaaaahhhh, attacked by zombies.

is often projected as the main focus, but The Walking Dead doesn't make it the main focus.

Of course there are such scenes. There are scenes of flesh being chewed off and blood being sprayed.

But as I told you at the beginning, it's not just about the characters.Conflicts within the group or with other groupsThere is a crazy amount of clashes, ties, resentment, envy, domination, deprivation, and squabbling among people such as the following.

It's already amazing, the doldrums. There may be especially a lot of domination and deprivation.

2. just at the right time, the fellowship disappears.

It is a common occurrence in zombie dramas that one's favorite character is killed by a zombie, and it is a huge shock, but it is exquisite timing.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! I'm going to get attacked there... !!!!"


Naturally, once you're down, but then a new character appears again and becomes key to the story so you can get emotionally involved with a different character again.

So.dangI'll stop watching now!

It is hard to think that

3. the character who is the strongest and most annoying


Personal.Important FactorsI think that is a good idea.

There's definitely a villainous presence in every movie and drama, but in the case of The Walking Dead.

It comes across as a pretty sneaky, control freak.

There are many scenes of people fighting each other, for example, for foodstuffs, places, weapons, people, and so on.

They attack people and take hostages in order to rob them, but the way they do it is just soooo bad.

What?" Would you go that far?" I wanted to cover my eyes when I watched it.

Of course, I'd be supremely shocked and annoyed if my favorite character was taken hostage or killed, so I'd give them a break.

But I also think this is one of the elements of fun.

4. it makes a great appeal to the conflicting emotions of human beings

It's a scene that's common in zombie movies.

For example, let's say that fellow A is attacked by a zombie.

Fellow A: "Wow!"

Then, his friend B rushes in to save him.

Fellow A: "Leave me! Go! Go, go, go, go!"

The scene is one in which the people are prioritized.

There are plenty of them on The Walking Dead.

This, you see, is not only against zombies, but also against people who are in conflict with each other.

It's human versus human.

One of my friends was taken hostage by a rival team and killed in front of me. It's just awful.

Huh..., Herschel cries.

The rest of us say, "I've been bitten, I can't do it anymore, eventually I'll turn into a zombie. But this girl... this girl... please save her! And finally, shoot me, please" kind of scene.

If a person in front of you is bitten by a zombie, the last thing you want to do in this world is to shoot the person in the head because he or she will eventually die and become a zombie. Sadly, though.

But.But.Like............................ ( ´´sigh´´)

It's sad, isn't it?

This kind of "life and death choice" conflict. There are many such conflicts, and we are all emotionally involved in watching them. 

5. finding food and shelter at the perfect time

Scenes of people searching for food in dilapidated buildings and houses in order to survive are common.

It is good to have secured the food safely, but eventually that food will run out.

As mentioned above, they can be stolen by hostile people or lost due to unexpected happenings.

This naturally leads to the need to embark on a journey to search for ingredients, but it is not so easy to find them.

Eventually, his strength ran out and his body and mind were exhausted.

Even those of us watching the show were like, "Oh, is everything all right? What are we going to do after this? Where are we going?" The audience will be thrilled and nervous about the mystery.

And! At the right time, they can find food and bedding.

Personally, I always think "the timing is exquisite!

If you are in an extreme situation all the time, you will get choked up, and if you are in a safe environment all the time, how about a world full of zombies? I also think that I would get bored with it.

How many seasons does The Walking Dead get interesting? (Swamped?)

In my personal sense, I have yet to find season 1 interesting.

I think it's because I feel that the main focus of the film is the fear and grotesqueness of zombies rather than humans.

This is all very interesting, but since the Walking Dead is all about human conflict, in that sense, Season 1 was just average....

And as "the horror of human beings" is gradually expressed, I think I will get more and more hooked from season 3 or so.

That was the case when I was there.

So I hope you will watch at least until season 3.

The most impressive season for me

My most shocking experiences with The Walking Dead were season 4 and season 6.

*Some spoilers.

The Walking Dead Season 4

Season 4 is the one where the Governor, a character who seems to be the pinnacle of vile and terrible evil, runs amok.

This season is packed with stories that remind us that what is really, really scary is people.

Now that I think about it, didn't the appearance of this Governor make him instantly popular? I think it's a good thing, too. He was the worst character, but at the same time I found him interesting.

The Governor is a truly villainous person, which is quite shocking to watch, but I have to admit that I have some mixed feelings because that character was what made the show so exciting.

The Walking Dead Season 6

Negan, the villainous man who is more than just the Governor, did something extraordinary this season 6.

This was so shocking that viewers criticized it.

I didn't want to watch this at any cost. I thought it was cruel and too much.

It's a good heartbreak and a pretty big blow already. I was quite fat-lossed because my favorite character was killed off. (Those who have seen the movie will understand...the brutal way he was killed...)

To be honest, I even wondered if I should watch the season after this one. In the end, I did.

When will The Walking Dead end?

The Walking Dead, a very popular drama that has been renewed at a furious pace for seasons so far, is finally coming to an end (a mysterious sense of relief w)

When it comes to when.Complete in season 11.I've heard that! (Scheduled to air in 2021-2022)

So, it's finally the final day of the show. The internet is calling it "censored".

howeverA spin-off drama for Daryl and Carol and a movie (trilogy) starring Rick are in the works at this time.That's right. Rick is back on the stage of film.

  • Daryl and Carol spin-off drama Timing: TBD
  • Movie starring Rick: Social networking sites are whispering 2021, but no official announcement has been made.

Daryl and Carol have a very exquisite bond. It's not really love, it's friendship, but it's exquisite.

I feel like we are communicating with our hearts. What kind of spin-off drama will it be...?

As for Rick, I'm really curious about what kind of setting he will appear in, his disappearance was at the end with plenty of meaning, and I have no idea what to expect.

By the way, I checked to see how long it's been since The Walking Dead...

Since 2010!It was a very big drama that has been going on for more than 10 years now!
The fact that it has lasted this long in a foreign drama series that is said to be immediately cancelled when it loses popularity shows that it really had a tremendous following.


I will summarize what I think [the appeal of The Walking Dead] is.

  • The main one is not a zombie.
  • Just in time for our friends to disappear.
  • The most despicable character comes in.
  • Realistic reflection of human conflicts and other emotions.
  • Finding food and shelter at the perfect time (a great sense of candy and whip).

It's interesting because the focus is on the characters fighting the zombies, not the end of the story.

The presence of zombies is essential, but it is not the main focus.

It is packed with many elements that keep the viewer on the edge of his/her seat, and is an exceptional hit among recent zombie dramas.

The Walking Dead is available here.

The Walking Dead is available at the following video distribution sites.

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Most sites offer a free trial period, so if you are interested, please check them out.

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But I digress...
When you watch a movie.MOGUThe cushions are comfortable for the lower back and are recommended.
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