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Recommended Thriller Films] If you want to be thrilled and thrilled, these 10 films are the ones to keep in mind [Foreign Films

Summary of Works

In this issue.Thrilling & Thrilling! Recommendations for interesting movies that will make your hands sweat!I would like to talk about

From the royal works to the slightly minor ones.doing something by the sweat of one's browI was so thrilled and on the edge of my seat, what are you going to do?" I will only introduce the ones that I thought were "so thrilling!

*All are Western films.

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Sweaty Hands and Thrills! Ten thrilling movies!

We want everyone to enjoy the films presented here as much as possible, so we have kept spoilers to a minimum as much as possible.



director Ben Affleck.
country of manufacture America
Year of production 2012
original title Argo
running time (e.g. of movie) 120 min.
genre Thriller, Suspense
cast Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkinjon and others


In 1979, the U.S. Embassy hostage crisis occurred in Iran just after the revolution. Six employees barely escaped and fled to the private residence of the Canadian ambassador, but if they were found, they were doomed to public execution.
To rescue them, Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck), a CIA hostage recovery expert, comes up with a daring and outlandish plan. He concocts a fictitious movie project and forces the six men to leave the country for a film shoot....

My recommendation

Every time I get my hands on this movie!!!!

Everyone is asking, "Is such a plan safe?" Can we really rescue them with such a plan? But, despite the excitement and suspense, the project is moving forward.

However, happenings are bound to occur. It is interesting because there are unexpected developments.

During the rescue, the other side would often find out, and I would be on edge every time. They're going to find out! Oh... they're going to find out!" I felt like that.

And then, at the end, we are in an absolute pinch, but the camera work at this point is great. What are you doing? My hands are sweating so much.

The way the screen switches and the naturalness of the transition conveys a great sense of urgency.

I know it's harsh, but every time I watch it, my hands get sweaty.

three days


director Paul Haggis
country of manufacture America
Year of production 2010
original title The Next Three Days
running time (e.g. of movie) 134 minutes
genre Suspense, Action
cast Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, Brian Dennehy, and others


John Brennan (Russell Crowe) is a university professor who is happily married with a loving wife and child. Suddenly, the police raid his home and his wife is falsely accused of murder.

John is determined to get his innocent wife rescued at any cost, but...

My recommendation

This is a thrilling and nerve-wracking film, but it tends to get buried a bit. It's a very tense and thrilling work.

John works hard to save his wife from being falsely imprisoned, but she is not cleared of the charges, and he wonders if she will ever be able to return to her normal life...and she is getting weaker and weaker.

And he eventually hatches a plan to escape from prison, but of course he is pursued by the police.

I was fascinated by the way he skillfully slipped through the cracks, and I was also a bit entranced by the details of his strategy.

It is not just a prison break drama, but a story about the case, the feelings of the police officer in charge, the change in his wife, his relationship with his son, etc. The overall development is fast-paced, but I am impressed that the important highlights are packed in.

I didn't feel any discomfort or stress in the structure of the game, even though it was exciting and harrowing.

A man on the edge of a cliff


director Asger Leslie.
country of manufacture America
Year of production 2011
original title Man on a Ledge
running time (e.g. of movie) 102 min.
genre Action, Suspense
cast Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell, and others


An escaped convict, falsely accused and pretending to commit suicide, carries out a plan with his friends to prove his innocence...

My recommendation

First of all, I would like to say that I think the Japanese title definitely spoils the film. I think there are a certain number of people who will think "I'm not going to watch it" because of the cheesy title.

Well, we are certainly on the edge of a cliff in many ways....

I just happened to watch it when I had some free time on my hands, and I was hooked.It would have been a bigger hit in Japan if the original English title had been written in katakana...I can't help but think that it's a good idea.Interesting and harrowing workI'm not sure what that means.

I enjoyed the gradual revelation of the man's motives and the truth as he was persuaded by the police.

I found myself palm-soaked with this piece.

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The Call Emergency Call Command Center


director Brad Anderson
country of manufacture America
Year of production 2013
original title The Call
running time (e.g. of movie) 94 min.
genre thriller (movie, story)
cast Halle Berry, Abigail Breslin, Morris Chestnut, Michael Imperioli and others


A 911 emergency call center receives a call from a young girl. Operator Jordan gives instructions, but one thing leads to another and the girl does not return. Jordan was deeply depressed, but then another call came in to 911 from another girl. Jordan responds to the call with hesitation, but...

My recommendation

Although there is no flashy action, the tense exchange between the person in charge and the voice calling for help heard over the phone makes one's hands sweat.

Jordan, played by Halle Berry, is a great actor. He soothes and calms the girl and gives her precise instructions.

But there is no way they will be rescued without incident, and the criminal resists the rescue, but he is a very crazy guy.

In the end, Jordan does take a certain action, but to be honest, I think the last development is a bit subtle. I wish Jordan had not left the command center........

Agent: Ryan


director Kenneth Branagh
country of manufacture America
Year of production 2014
original title Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
running time (e.g. of movie) 106 min.
genre Action/Suspense
cast Chris Pine, Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner, Kenneth Branagh, and others


Jack Ryan, an economic analyst, is ordered by the CIA to go undercover in order to stop a massive terrorist plot that will shake the world. He takes his fiancée to dinner with a mysterious businessman who holds the key to the investigation, but she is discovered to be a spy and kidnapped. Can Ryan help her while he pursues the truth?

My recommendation

It's a film about a CIA analyst.This spy movie recommendation pageI was going to add this to the "Spy Movie" page, but since it is too subtle to be considered a spy movie, I decided to make it a page here.

The overall story is about a CIA analyst who goes undercover...but there is a lot of romance. Women may feel a little bit of a crush on this story.

Personally, I am satisfied because I can see Keira Knightley's face (laugh), and I am sure that many people are watching this movie for Keira (laugh).

I saw it as an action movie, so I personally enjoyed the game at dinner with the businessman, the scene where he steals an important card, and the action at the end, but I think it will leave those who value the serious elements and the detailed setting that only a spy movie can provide lacking.

I'm sorry that the review rating of the movie is a little low, but there are many comments that I'm sure...;.

I really think that people have their own tastes in movies.

I would recommend this work, though, because it can be a thrilling and harrowing experience.

I also liked the final scene with the enemy. It was quick and easy, but I thought, "Ah, this is a good way to end the film.

By the way, this movie actually has a drama. It is.Amazon Original DramaThe "Jack Line" ofThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

I personally enjoyed Season 1, but Season 2 was a bit of a letdown. I would recommend it to anyone who likes Tom Clancy, though.

panic room


director David Fincher.
country of manufacture America
Year of production 2002
original title Panic Room
running time (e.g. of movie) 113 min.
genre  Panic, Thriller, Suspense
cast Jodie Foster, Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto, Kristen Stewart and others


Meg and her daughter, Sarah, came to New York City to check out a new apartment in an upscale residential area of Manhattan. There, they were shown a luxurious four-story building with an elevator. They were shown to a luxurious four-story building with an elevator, where a small space called the "Panic Room" had been set up, which was heavily guarded. They successfully move in and start their new life...

My recommendation

A harrowing film that I personally got into because I like David Fincher's work a bit. It seems to be a film that can be mentioned as an introduction to the thrilling harrowing works.

Meg, played by Jodie Foster, fights a group of burglars who break into her house through a panic room, and it is interesting to see how they confront each other through psychological warfare. However, the criminal sometimes behaves stupidly, so the film is a bit disappointing in those scenes.

I thought that if the criminals had used advanced techniques because of the seriousness of the content, I would have felt more "oohs".

The panic room is a sturdy and protected room, but there are going to be situations where you can't stay there all the time. Because of the pinch of the daughter and the culprit who sets things up while being a moron.

There are many scenes of tension throughout the film, but the scene in which Meg leaves the panic room with a desperate resolve is particularly tense and quite harrowing.

Also, Kristen Stewart, who was a child actor at the time, is in it.twilightShe became popular at once with her appearance in the film, but her beauty was evident from the time she appeared in this film.

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coup d'état


director John Eric Doodle.
country of manufacture America
Year of production 2015
original title No Escape
running time (e.g. of movie) 101 min.
genre  thriller (movie, story)
cast Owen Wilson, Pierce Brosnan, Lake Bell, and others


Jack and his family are assigned to a country in Southeast Asia for a water supply project. However, a coup d'etat suddenly breaks out in the country. Their target is a foreigner, and people in the city who are believed to be foreigners are brutally beaten.

Jack desperately tries to protect and escape for the sake of his beloved family, but he finally loses his way. At such a critical moment, Hammond saves him and he escapes, but a new turn of events awaits him...

My recommendation

I think this film is a bit of a hole in the market as a thrilling and thrilling film.

I had no expectations at all, but to be honest, it was a bit B-grade, but it gave me a chill from start to finish, so I'll introduce it to you.

I will kill you all! And I have a family to love. You desperately run for your life, but the whole area is full of enemies, so how the hell are you going to escape? I felt like, "How in the world am I going to escape? One crisis goes away and another one follows in rapid succession. That's why my heart was racing from beginning to end.

He was in a tight spot many times, and a strong helper (Piers Brosnan) shows up along the way. Honestly, though, I wish he had more to do.

There are few major twists or surprising developments, and those who are used to seeing such escape-type panic films may be able to guess what will happen in the middle of the film.

Still, I recommend it because it is sure to make your hands sweat.

I am Legend

Please note that I Am Legend has a normal ending and a separate ending.


director Francis Lawrence.
country of manufacture America
Year of production 2007
original title I Am Legend
running time (e.g. of movie) 100 min.
genre  thriller (movie, story)
cast Will Smith, Alyce Braga, Dash Myhock, Charlie Tahan, and others


The story takes place in New York City, a metropolis threatened by a mysterious and untreatable virus that threatens to destroy the human race.

The main character, Commander Neville, played by Will Smith, lives in New York City with his dog, Sam, and works alone to research and solve a mysterious virus.

Then one thing led to another, and the residence they had been living in hiding from the zombies was discovered...

My recommendation

It is similar to a zombie movie, but it is not exactly a zombie movie, but rather a "panic movie about escaping from an entity infected with a mysterious virus that transforms into a zombie-like creature.

For those who have not seen this movie and like zombie movies, I would like to tell you about the characteristics of the zombies (they are not zombies, but I will call them zombies here) that appear in this movie.

They are not the so-called "zorozolo-noronoro" type of zombies.

They don't have the decomposed appearance of zombies, i.e., their hair has fallen out and they have skinned heads, but they look almost human. Some zombies are smart, some are extremely ferocious, and their physical abilities are outstandingly high.

A zombie with a high physical capacity is too bad.

So Commander Neville was only active during the daytime because he was no match for a single human being if he was discovered.

But the smart zombies set traps and so on, and eventually their homes are identified....

It seems to be a zombie movie, but the ultra-violent zombies keep you on the edge of your seat.

And this I Am Legend, thealternate endingDid you know that there are

There is. There is another ending.(Another end, you mean?)

For more details, please see the separate page if you would like to know more.

World War Z


director Marc Forster
country of manufacture America
Year of production 2013
original title World War Z
running time (e.g. of movie) 116 min.
genre thriller (movie, story)
cast Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniela Kertesz, and others


Jerry (Brad Pitt), his wife, and their two daughters are stuck in traffic one day. When they look into the distance and notice a strange atmosphere, they see "something" that is not human. The city panics and the truck goes out of control. In order to protect his family, he sets out to investigate as a former UN agent...

My recommendation

This is also not the so called zorozolo-noro-zombie type, it is a viral type, so it was originally human. However, it runs like crazy lol.

They are as ferocious as the zombies that come out of I Am Legend.

When zombies run and are ferocious, the sense of excitement and tension as a movie increases, doesn't it?

The climax of the film is what I recommend. Instead of using force against zombies, the virus is the source of the problem, and if we can create a vaccine against it, we will be able to pass the law.bettingSo, it's in the

(I Am Legend also had a hero working on making that vaccine.)

I didn't see this climax coming," I felt.

The development of running away from the attacking zombies is also a bit different from other works. It is fresh. So, if you are tired of zombie movies, this is the movie for you. (It's not a zombie movie, but a virus.)



director Daniel Espinosa
country of manufacture America
Year of production 2017
original title Life
running time (e.g. of movie) 104 min.
genre Science Fiction, Panic
cast Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, Hiroyuki Sanada, etc.


A mysterious unidentified life form was discovered on Mars by six astronauts. It was named Calvin. It looks very small and has intelligence and muscles. Gradually Calvin grows and attacks the astronauts one after another...

My recommendation

Calvin is too creepy, grows too fast, and has an outstandingly high intelligence, making it a creature unique to space. It is an unknown number.

Moreover, when you bring up the intelligence of aliens and zombies, the fear is amplified at once.

It's like, "Stay stupid, so we can compete with you." But that's boring, isn't it? In recent years, when this zombie-alien type of work has become saturated.

I expected that it would not be a B-grade kind of movie since the cast is quite splendid, but I thought it was a new alien panic movie with a lot of unexpectedness, whether it was the final don't-miss surprise or Calvin's intelligence.

Again, the final don't-don't-do twist is also interesting. I wasn't expecting it, so I thought, "What?

It may be a little disgusting for some people. Both in the development and in the picture. But I don't dislike the way it ends.

By the way, if you like Jake Gyllenhaal.Prisoners.I also recommend a suspense film called


The following is a summary of the works introduced.

  • argot
  • three days
  • A man on the edge of a cliff
  • panic room
  • coup d'état
  • I am Legend
  • World War Z
  • life

Among these films, "Three Days" and "World War Z" are my personal favorites, as I was able to watch them with a lot of mental suspense.

I'm sure there will be more in the future, so I will update this page as needed.

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But I digress...
When you watch a movie.MOGUThe cushions are comfortable for the lower back and are recommended.
Summary of Works
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