When you want to watch these movies, this is the site for you! VOD by purpose

Which distribution site do you recommend when you want to watch such a movie? My subjective selection of VOD for each purpose.

In this case, which distribution site do you recommend? VOD/Distribution Site
  • I want to watch that genre of animation!"
  • I want to watch foreign dramas with that kind of taste!"
  • I want to watch it without paying!"

There are many purposes when choosing a distribution site, such as

So here we are.If it were me, I would choose this site if I wanted to watch "Fat".I will write about it.

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Which distribution site is best for watching these films? Answers based on my own prejudice

In the meantime, we will include a statement of refusal.

The criteria for determining the content presented here are.This is just my personal subjective opinion.

Each distribution site handles different titles at different times, so please check each site for the most up-to-date information!Information here is current at the time of publication.

Note that I will only introduce VOD (Amapura, Hulu, NETFLIX, U-NEXT, FOD) that I have actually used so far.

Other than that, I don't know! I'm sorry.

What if I want to see a lot of different genres all over the place?

U-NEXTOne choice.

In fact, when I used EUNEXT, it was almost always a hit when I searched for "I want to watch that video.

Well, there were no movies that were too old or minor to be quintessential.

U-NEXT is one of the largest video services in Japan and has the No. 1 number of all-you-can-watch movies.(As of February 2020, according to GEM Partners, Inc.)https://help.unext.jp/より参照

What if I want to watch without paying anything except the monthly payment?


Netflix does not offer "new releases for a fee," so as long as you pay the monthly fee, you can watch everything. Therefore, there is an aspect that there are few new releases.

The 790 yen ad-supported plan started on November 3, 2022, and I heard that there are some films that cannot be seen with this plan (see below).https://help.netflix.com/より参照)

What if I want to watch a lot of documentaries?


I have the impression that many of them are on Amazon these days, but many of the ones that are worth watching are on Netflix.

Because the content is factual and delves deeply into the background of those facts, documentaries can draw you in... I have the impression that many of the films will stick with people who like works based on true stories.

There is also a documentary on the case.

What if I just want to see the show at a lower rate?

Amazon Prime Video

500 yen per month, a little less if you sign a yearly contract.

If you don't have a specific purpose of "I want to watch XXX series! Amapura is sufficient if you don't have a specific purpose.

For exampleextermination (e.g. of pests, demons, bandits)and ... andmagic, ,chainsaw manYou can also watch the missed videos on Amapura.

Popular nowShitty and surrealistic animation.And there are a lot of them.

Want to be among the first to see the new releases?


Even on Amapura, sometimes I'm like, "What! It's a new movie and it's already available! But my feeling is that this is more the case with EUNEKT.

Eunext started the new Matrix movie with a blast, and initially it was limited time & as expensive as a movie theater.

What if I want to see AI, metaverse, virtual reality, or other modern works?


This is my subjectivity? s have quite a bit to do with it.Netflix has by far the most original works of any of the many distribution sites.I think.

Is the content of that original drama very modern? I have the impression that there is a lot of AI and metaverse content.Black MirrorAnd that's exactly what it is.

In that respect, foreign distribution sites are very differentiated. Amapura is also offering originals.

EuNext doesn't seem to have that kind of originality. There are exclusives, though.

What if I want to watch a lot of cartoons?


I have recently become rather addicted to anime and watch it frequently.

Depending on the time of year, I got excited when Fushigi Yugi was available on Eunext. Seriously! I thought.

I think another feature of EUNEKT is that it is easy to find old anime (like 20 years ago).

Because the number of works is overwhelmingly large.

I'm interrupting the intro of an anime or foreign drama! What if I want to skip it?


Information as of November 2022.(It is possible that other sites may implement this in the future.)

Netflix has an intro skip feature.This is super easy! So easy! Seriously comfortable!

It is so convenient that once you have tasted this comfort, there is no going back....

Of course, there is also the ability to skip endings.

I want to watch HBO movies! What if I want to watch as many HBO dramas as possible?


Some films are also available on Amapura and Hulu, but I have the impression that EUNExt has the largest number of films.

I'm Kate Winslet starring inMere of East Town / The Truth about a Murder CaseI like to watch this one on EuNext.

It's a very interesting type of film that changes the ending.

I love korean dramas! What if I want to watch a lot of Korean dramas?

To be honest, all of the distribution sites have them... but I think the most common one is Eu-next....

incidentallyboyfriendandNow in the middle of parting, ,Anna.was viewed on Amapura.

Oh, yeah.Anna.is not a love drama, but a very serious one!

Yes! I'll keep adding to the list like this!


Most of the works, except for original works, are handled by more than one distribution site.There is no clear delineation or absolute certainty! I can't say for sure.

I hope you can use this as a reference only ~ !!!!

List of introduced distribution sites
Check out the films featured here on our distribution site!
But I digress...
When you watch a movie.MOGUThe cushions are comfortable for the lower back and are recommended.
VOD/Distribution Site
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